Quality of Life

Achieving Your Fullest Potential

Alden of Old Town East offers comprehensive care for adults with special needs in a safe, homelike environment at our 16-bed Intermediate Care Facility in west suburban Bloomingdale. Designed to meet the physical, emotional and social needs of adults with developmental disabilities, the facilities provide 24/7 residential care, schooling, day training, behavior intervention and treatment and recreation programming for individuals who do not require continuous skilled nursing.

Lifelong Education and Development

A typical day for residents is filled with activities that enhance their quality of life and enable each individual to achieve their highest potential. All residents attend school, day training or hold jobs in the community. While there are many structured activities during the day, evenings are more relaxed. But even then, valuable lessons can be learned. From learning social skills at mealtimes to participating in exercises that focus on self-care, our residents receive ongoing training to help them develop basic life skills. At Alden of Old Town East, adults with special needs are given opportunities to realize their maximum growth potential.